The eyes remain one of the most important elements of a beautiful person. But some changes  in our lifestyle like keeping late hours at nigh, or excessive stress on the eyes like exposure to the television or to laptop can ruin the equations. 

Your eyes are quite likely to develop dark circles beneath them if you don't do things to remove the dark circles that have come up below the eyes. They can be quite ugly, unpleasant and uncomfortable too.

Doing things like applying a bit of cucumber on the eyes for about 10 minutes in a day can help get rid of dark circles. This is going to be an excellent way to soothe the eyes if they are stressed and exhausted. 

The same effect can be obtained by placing cotton balls dipped in chilled cold water on the eyes for 5-10 minutes over the eyes. The cooling effect is remarkable, but can only be experienced, it cannot be described in words.

You can do the same thing and get similar results if you dip the cotton balls in cucumber juice. Dip the balls in the cucumber juice for about 2 minutes before applying them on your eyes, specifically the area with the dark circles. Remove the cotton swabs after about 15 minutes.

One of the most popular methods to remove dark circles beneath the eyes is to use some rose-water. Dip some cotton ball in rose water and apply on the eyes for about 15 minutes. It can be tried on even when you are on the go.