Eyes are the most beautiful thing in a girl’s face. Beautiful eyes make your face look more beautiful. So today we will give you some tips to make your eyes look more beautiful.

  1. Tips for bigger eye lashes

Move your brush used for applying mascara in left-right motion during application, it will help you in reducing clumps and it also separates your eye lashes. It helps in even application due to which your eyes looks beautiful.

  1. Tips for your lashes

Purchase black eyeliner and make it edges blunt by cutting little. Then you can use this for making tiny dots below your lashes line (lower lashes). It will make your lashes look thicker. Around 3 dots are sufficient.

  1. Warm-up your pencil eyeliner before applying it to your eyelids.

You can warm up them by applying them on the back of your hand or you can just use your hair blower by keeping it at the lowest temperature and then blow it for 5-6 seconds not more than that. After this, the application of the eyeliner will be much easier.

  1. Color of the eye liner

Always prefer the eyeliner having undertone opposite to the color of your eyes. Just for example use copper colored eyeliner if you have blue eyes and if you have green eyes you should prefer purple eyeliner and so on.

In the end, I want to add some tips, never use cheap products for your eyes, it will affect your eyesight also. So always prefer branded or a better quality products.