Working for Victoria’s Secret is the most important thing in life for many supermodels! Many women are crying when they are rejected from Victoria’s Secret. And it is known that supermodels who worked in this company are some of the most beautiful and desired women on the planet! But, there are some models that can live without this company. One of them is beautiful Letitia Casta. She started working for Victoria’s Secret in 1998, when she was 18 years old. Now they forced her to leave! When the label made her ‘’a piece of meat’’, and ignoring her views on the world, she was forced to leave! Many supermodels would cry or even become depressed, but not Leatitia Casta. She announced that there are many interesting people to work with, and that this isn’t a big problem for her. I agree. Supermodel beautiful as Leatitia, can always find someone to work with.

Leatitia also announced that they wanted to turn her into ‘’a piece of meat’’, making her to do soft porn, so she said ‘’bye bye’’. The second reason why Leatitia don’t work anymore for Victoria’s Secret is her voice! She was asked to do interviews, but when she said what she wants, Victoria’s Secret kick her out! The explanation was ‘’you cannot do that’’. Now when Leatitiia Casta is ‘’free’’, she will find another company to work. She already worked for: Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Jean Paul Gaultier, Guess, Vivienne Westwood and Chanel. So, maybe she will return to some of these companies. All I know, is I want to see this supermodel working!