Sporting leather is arguably the best way to look effortlessly cool. However, as with everything else in life, it's best to use it moderately. Too much leather has often been frowned upon, something that's widely considered as a fashion blunder. If you're brave enough, there are ways to make it look fashionable, chic, and surprisingly fresh.

Here's how:

  1. Rock the Killer Stilettos – It's no secret that leather is used as a complementary piece. If you're a wearing a dainty dress, you can use a leather jacket to make you look less feminine. If you're rocking leather pants, you can pair it with a softer top, like a cashmere sweater perhaps. But, if you're wearing tight close-fitting leather pants and a leather top, you can come off as a bit too edgy. You can help lower the toughness a notch and still look powerful by pairing your head-to-toe leather attire with killer stilettos.
  2. A Leather Wrap Dress – It's a single piece of clothing, but it's surprisingly effective. Paired with some killer shoes, a leather wrap dress has a slimming effect that can effectively make your legs look longer than they are.
  3. Go Loose and Colored– Leather doesn't always have to be skin tight. If you want to get creative, you can choose clothing pieces and garments that are looser than usual. They're much more comfortable to wear and offer much more air circulation. Not only that, because leather doesn't breathe well, going loose is the perfect excuse to go with a head-to-toe leather look on a cold day. You can also soften the leather look up a bit by choosing colored leather. Sure, they're not as traditional, but you do get style points for being creative and softening the usually aggressive look of leather.

When it comes to leather, one thing that you need to remember is that the leather that's well taken care of is leather that looks best. Use appropriate leather cleaning products to take care of your leather clothes and hang them up properly as well. If you do that, your favorite leather pieces will last for years with little to no scratches or creases.