Emily Ratakjowski just got married, and at the City Hall in New York at that. The casual exchange of vows wasn't the biggest shock of this entire affair. What came off as a surprise to many, more than Ratajkowski wedding her boyfriend of a few weeks was her choice of attire that was just as relaxed as the setting of their wedding.

What exactly did the 26-year old model wear? Why it was a Zara pantsuit that you can get for yourself for just $200. If you've seen a mustard-yellow pantsuit making rounds on social media, now you know why.

Opting to skip the white wedding dress for something less traditional, Ratakjowski made all sixteen million of her Instagram followers amazed by posting herself wearing the mustard-yellow pantsuit not long after posting the black and white photo of her wedding day.

If you're interested – and quick – you can get the same flared trousers and robe jacket at $69.90 and $129 respectively from Zara. So much for spending thousands of dollars on a wedding dress! Ratakjowski just proved that you don't need to spend a fortune to look good when getting married.

It has only been a few months that Ratajkowski and Bear-McClard have been together. Rumor has it that the film producer and the American model met last May at the Cannes Film Festival, although neither one of them have yet to confirm it.

As a new generation of penny-pinching brides-to-be looks for inspiration on how to look good on their wedding day without breaking the bank, Emily Ratajkowski's choice to go with a high street option instead of a more traditional wedding dress is a welcome source of inspiration.