We've been talking about those golden years of Hollywood, where you had sophisticated women, natural and beautiful women everywhere you go.

Now, we have also a lot of beautiful women, but honestly not as natural and glamorous like they used to be.

We will give you some secrets from all those gorgeous and amazing Hollywood actresses.

Elizabeth Taylor

You all know that this amazing and talented actress had played Cleopatra on the big screen. Well she didn't just pretend to be her, she also " took " her advice and she shaved her face and removed all those tiny and invisible hairs, in order to have a fresh and beautiful skin, like the best " peeling ".

Sophia Loren

This woman looks stunning even today, and a lot of people consider her as one of the most beautiful women ever. She still looks like she hasn't changed, so what is her secret? Well as an Italian " girl " this woman loves to consume olive oil, and in general likes to eat Mediterranean food. She also uses this oil to put in a bathtub, because it will soften her skin, and will give it flexibility.

Marilyn Monroe - This woman still takes our breath away. She's been gone for so many years, yet she is the role model for so many girls and women. She was one of the most beautiful and gorgeous women ever, yet she did have some secrets that helped her to look even more beautiful.

To make her lips look fuller, she put five different shades of red lipstick, and also a glow, and that's why they looked so sensual. She would put darker colors in the corner of her lips, and lighter in the middle.