Every single week women spend hundreds of dollars on their nails. The sad part is, their nails are usually okay for three to four days, and then they have to go back and have their nails done again. 

There are a few things women can do, however, to save money on their nails. The first thing women could do is purchase the materials themselves. Most women know how to do their nails. In fact, most women can do their nails better than the person that does them on a weekly basis. Women do not do their own nails because having them done is convenient. 

Women, however, should do the math and see how much money they will be saving if they do their own nails. In certain cases, this may be thousands of dollars, especially for women who are crazy about their nails. 

The next way women can save money on their nails would be to visit schools where a degree in doing nails ca be obtained; this will usually be cosmetology schools, though other schools have this type of program, too. These schools allow women to get their nails done two to three times a week at no charge. 

These schools do this because the students need the practice, experience, and credits. These students are committed to doing a great job every single time. They know their teachers are watching, and they all want to be the best in their class. Women can also save thousands of dollars when using this method.