Have you ever looked at a celebrity and her perfect fishtail braid and you were simply like men I would do anything to get that hairdo? Well, if that is you then you are in luck as in this article I will be sharing with you steps on how you can get that perfect fishtail braid just like Emma Roberts and the other celebrities that are actually doing this look the right way. The good thing about this look is that you can be able easily do it by following 5 easy and simple steps with just two easy to find products. 

First Step  
Take a volumizing dust powder and sprinkle it lightly on your hair then massage the roots of your hair gently. You can opt to go with Unite Expanda Dust. By doing this you will be adding texture. 

Second Step
Proceed by French braiding just two locks of your hair, while doing this ensure that you shift the plait so that it falls diagnostically above your ear. 

Third Step
Proceed by diving your hair into two sections then tie a knot.

Fourth Step
Take the pieces you have created and now proceed by joining them so as to form one fishtail braid that is loose. Use 1-2 mini rubber bands so as to secure it. 

Fifth Step
Take a dry texturizing spray and spritz it on your hair. You could choose to go with Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray so as to finish of your style and make sure that it is well held.