If you are pregnant and want a healthy and fit baby, then doing Yoga is a very good exercise for you. This will keep your mind stress free, relaxed and happy which is very good for your upcoming baby. While pregnancy, your body undergoes many hormonal changes, so by being Yoga you get strength to cope up with all the changes taking place in your body. If you join any professional Yoga center during your pregnancy, your trainer will guide you completely on different yoga postures for all three trimesters.

These postures help you to breathe properly and stay relaxed during all time of pregnancy. You are carrying another life in your womb, so do exercises carefully. There are many benefits of practicing Yoga at this stage. First is your trainer will guide you on different exercises depending upon your trimester Level.There are three trimesters and last one is the most critical of all. Although it is important to take care of yourself from the day one you conceive. Doing Yoga, your body strength and stamina increases to carry weight of the baby in your womb .Different postures will loosen out your muscles, relieving you from pain and stress. Your Immunity level and digestive system will improve.

Deep Breathing is a very good exercise for you as it helps in proper functioning of your nervous system. Yoga sessions allow you to spend some time only with your baby instead of family, thereby increasing the bond between you two.