“Friends” was one of the most famous series in television history, and for good reasons. The group of friends entertained us for 10 years, and they gathered fans from all over the world. It was declared the best series in the U.S.A, and it transformed some ordinary, unknown people into famous actors almost overnight. What happened to the actors that we loved so much?

Courtney Cox who played “Monica” is still a star after she starred in “Cougar Town”. She returned to the hearts of audiences with her character from the movies “Scream”, and she continues to be a presence in Hollywood.

David Schwimmer who played “Ross” has appeared in numerous films, such as “Web Therapy” and “Irreversible”. Yes, he is still as funny as he was in “Friends”.

Jenifer Aniston who starred as “Rachel” decided to try something else besides acting, so she directed the film “Five”. Right now she is involved in various non-profit organizations and helping to raise awareness of breast cancer.

Our dear Lisa Kudrow or “Phoebe” has continued her acting career. She has acted in dozens of movies, including in a few episodes of the series “Scandal”. Rumors are she will be starring in a brand new production sometime in the spring.

Matt Leblanc or “Joey” took a break and he has dedicated his time with his family. The break seems to be over because he is planning to join a new series this year.

“Chandler” or Mathew Perry had a part in “Sunset Strip” and “Cougar Town” and other successful productions. It does not seem like he will retire any time soon, and we hope that he is preparing more new things for us.