At the age of 50, Cindy Crawford has written a book her career, episodes in her life, lessons she has learned and her memories. In “Becoming” she chronicles her life as a model and as a working woman. She includes her thoughts of the fashion world and its industry.

Cindy Crawford has been a fashion icon, a supermodel and business woman. She was one of the first supermodels to sign major contracts to be the spokesperson for a number of companies to promote their products. Besides fashion and cosmetics products like Revlon, she signed a multi-million dollar deal to promote Pepsi. She has been a featured guest on many TV shows and has hosted specials for a variety of programs. The "super model" has become a major figure in American culture.

In 2000, Cindy quit full-time modeling and occasionally does some work for fashion magazines. She still endorses a variety of products for different companies. In 2005, she helped create a line of beauty products called Meaningful Beauty. She has admitted to having plastic surgery early in her career and that she has used Botox.

The year 2005 saw the launching of a new line of furniture called the "Cindy Crawford Home Collection", for which she provided consultation regarding colors and styles.

Crawford returned briefly to modeling in May, 2011 being featured on the cover of Vogue Mexico. In 2014, she led a rally promoting environmental safety in Malibu schools.