The Japanese diet is one of the healthiest amongst the world's cuisines, containing an excellent balance of essential nutrients, and the chief reason behind the famed Japanese longevity. Read on for reasons why you should consider eating more Japanese food.

Great variety of seafood
The Japanese diet comprises mostly seafood dishes, for obvious reasons. Seafood is rich in the good kind of fat which lowers cholesterol, omega-3 fatty acids and, especially, a wide array of vitamins and micronutrients. All these keep serious medical conditions like heart diseases and cancer at bay.

Loads of soy
Soy is very popular with the Japanese, a wide variety of popular dishes being soy-based. Soy is a great source for lean protein, and is said to lower blood pressure, too.  

The use of many beneficial herbs and spices
The Japanese make intricate use of herbs and spices in their cooking, skillfully concocting fantastic dishes that are finely balanced in both taste and healthfulness. Ginger, for instance, which lowers cholesterol, is used liberally in a lot of fine dishes. Even their tea is purposely not fermented, which retains its antioxidants and flavinols, and gives it great flavor too.

Clearly, the Japanese truly understand eating, and you'd do well to try more of their cuisine. Doing that would enrich both your test and your health.