Janet Jackson is a singer and songwriter form the United States. She was born in 1966. She has also tried her hand in acting. She is the younger sibling of the legendary icon Michael Jackson. Since the last twenty-five years, she had been dominating the popular culture. She is known for her series of dashing songs that are not only sonically innovative or socially conscious but also sexually provocative. Her career is also dotted with film and television role along with various stage shows, which were quite elaborate.

Janet’s career started in 1976 when she started with a variety television show named The Jacksons. Her various variety shows in television continued for the rest of the seventies and early eighties as well. She worked in quite a number of famous series, which included Fame, Good Times and many more.  Her breakthrough as a pop icon came when she signed the recording contract in 1982 with A&M.  She was widely recognized post the release of the third album from studio named Control in 1986. She has been acknowledged role model because of her lyrics that are socially conscious along with her innovation in music and choreography.

Janet has always strived to separate her career from the shadows of her brother Michael’s one. She has been quite successful in doing that. Her role in demolishing the racial boundaries in the music industry has been noteworthy. She has the record of having sold records more than 100 million. She has literally redefined the popular music scope.