Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler commonly known as Hedy Lamarr was a film actor as well as inventor from the US and of Austrian Descent.  She was born in 1914 and passed away in 2000 at the age of 85. She is not known only because of her acting talent but also for her contribution towards the field of science and inventions.  Her acting career started when she was just 18 years old with the controversial movie Ecstasy in 1933. She was offered roles in Hollywood when she had secretly moved to Paris along with her husband, and was noticed by Louis B. Mayer, head of MGM.

Lamarr was a great inventor as well. She had invented communications of frequency hopping and spread spectrum along with co-inventor George Antheil, a composer. He was introduced to the field of science and technology when she used to accompany her first husband, an arms merchant for the Austrian military for conferences with the scientists and technicians. The technology invented by her was a massive weapon used by the US in controlling torpedoes during the Second World War. The technology is still used in Bluetooth, WI-FI and CDMA.

Lamarr’s invention landed her with quite a number of accolades. In 1953, she was naturalized as an American Citizen. She had married six times during her lifetime. She died in Florida. She was cremated and her ashes were spread in Vienna Woods, which were her last wishes. Hedy Lamarr remains an iconic Hollywood Figure who had contributed generously in the world of Science.