Its official one of the cutest couple in Hollywood have decided to make up and we are all falling in love with them one more time.

After shocking heir fans by splitting earlier in 2015 the two, Andrew Garfield, 31, and Emma Stone, 26, have thrilled their fans worldwide after it emerged that the two have decided to settle their difference and become a couple one more time. Now we are learning exactly how Andrew Garfield, who captured numerous hearts by playing Spiderman, was able to win back Emma Stone’s heart.  

According to reports, 31-year old Garfield couldn’t leave a life without Emma Stone besides him and as a result he has been doing everything possible so as to ensure that he wins her heart back. For him to be able to do this, he has been presenting the 26-year old Emma Stone with a number of promises as well as presents so as for them to be back together.  

Citing a source close to the couple, OK magazine is reporting that Emma Stone was the one who called the shots in the relationship.

“Emma is an adorable girl, and she called the shots in that relationship,” the source revealed to OK! Magazine. “She had the courage to take a break and focus on herself for a while he went and did a movie on the other side of the world. But he couldn’t live without her. He called her all the time from Taiwan begging for another chance, and she gave it to him. He’s been showering her with gifts and promises, but there are a lot of people who question if things will really change in the long run.”