25-year-old U.S. based rapper, Tyga, is currently working on a song that is specifically dedicated to 17year old Kylie Jenner, the Hollywood life reported.

Tyga and Kylie broke up recently after the 'KUWTK' star realized that Tyga was still in constant communication with his baby mama Blac Chyna. According to reports by Hollywood Life, the two broke up after Kylie discovered that Tyga was still texting Chyna something that did not settle well with her.

Ever since their breakup, Tyga has been doing everything in his power so as to ensure that he and Kylie are back together, that said Hollywood Life, citing a source familiar to the subject matter, is reporting that Tyga is currently writing love songs which are dedicated to Kylie hoping that they will help him get back his girl.

"Tyga is pouring his heart into his music. He’s writing new lyrics and songs about Kylie every night till the wee hours of the morning,” the source told HollywoodLife.com

“He wants to play one song in particular for her the minute he steps off the plane in Los Angeles.”

If indeed the source is saying the truth and that Tyga is working on songs for Kylie, the main question is whether or not she would want to hear them. The other question is if she will forgive him once she hears the song something that the source acknowledged while speaking to Hollywood life.

“He’s hoping that when she hears how his heart is bleeding in his music, she will forgive him for everything,” the source told Hollywood life.