When it comes to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez there are plenty of things that you can actually say about the two. Despite the fact that they are separated they still find ways of getting in touch or the attention of each other. If it’s not Justin Bieber hanging out with Kendall Jenner or other models so as to get the attention of his ex-Selena, then its Selena Gomez who is on the late night life with a number of leading men in Hollywood from the likes of Zedd to Ed Sheraan. The new Hollywood hunk that Selena Gomez was seen with late at night was Orlando Bloom. 

One the news about the two broke, there was lots of speculation on what exactly was going on between the two with many stating that this might be the beginning of a relationship. If you are still n the dark and don’t know exactly what’s going on we have all the details for you. 

According to a source, there is nothing going on between 22-year old Selena and Orlando Bloom, 38, but they actually do like to flirt with one another a lot. “There is nothing serious between Selena and Orlando, the two simply love to flirt. As at now Selena simply wants Justin to know that she has her own life and that there are plenty of men in Hollywood who are interested in her.”

Selena was spotted together with her friends going to Orlando’s home at around 8pm and they left the house at around 11pm.