These celebrities are unstoppable and age is just a number for them. From Halle Berry to Jennifer Lopez, from Tom Cruise to George Clooney, these celebrities have a lot of oomph and style statement. We can’t get enough of them flaunting their hotness at this age, and why not? They are utterly glamorous. 

Jennifer Lopez – It seems like aging is not on cards for J Lo. With every passing year, she is becoming more beautiful, refined and super-hot. We don’t deny!

Courtney Cox – It was a long time ago when Friends came out. Nevertheless, Courtney was a diva then and she still is even after becoming a mother. 

Angelina Jolie – Jolie might just have joined the 40’s squad, but we will love her even if she ages. However, she is ageing gracefully, minus any definitive signs of ageing though. 

Jennifer Aniston – Jennifer Aniston looks a college going girl, thanks to her flawless features and her way of living.