The photo of Bruce Jenner dress hit the internet and the social media channels this week. In addition to that, lots of rumors and promos were also released. For a long time, it was accepted that the decathlete of Olympic and a patriarch of reality TV is almost in the verge of becoming a woman. It is true that no one has heard him personally address this issue, but he finally opened his mouth on the subject during a recent interview. 

Bruce is said to finally break his silence about his transition, and he re-introduced himself as a woman through a lengthy interview with Diane sawyer. Bruce had already begun to feel that his physical gender was because of the fact that he was mostly feminine with split personality in his childhood. He also described the moment tearfully when he first tried out a dress at the age of 8 and felt that he is comfortable in the dress. It was this comfort and feeling of freedom that eluded him for several decades.

He was also burdened by his uncertainty regarding his sexual identity even when he was in midst of his Olympic gold medal triumph. He also said that he was open about his issues with his first wife, but he never revealed it to her that he did not feel like being a male gender. His first wife was loving and supportive. However, in the course of his second marriage, he benign unravelling with his confession for gender based problems.