Thanks to social media, the trend of mini bags along with tiny heels and skinny sunglasses is becoming increasingly popular. Yes, small is the new big when it comes to bags. The days of the huge bags that you have to hook on your shoulder are slowly disappearing.  

The micro bags, also known as mini, baby, or bonsai, are the new trend for brands such as Gucci, Fendi and Chloé as well as other lesser known brands.  Handbags are not the only accessories that are shrinking as the gadgets that match the bags are also getting the shrinking treatment. 

Thanks to model Kendall Jenner, we are starting to see the growth of skinny cat-eyed sunglasses all over Instagram. Also, women are replacing their stilettos with "nanos", one-inch heels.  

Although we place the blame on social media, probably photographers take some of it as they all agree that smaller accessories look better.  They will prefer to shoot women's shoes in sizes 4 and 5. 

But on the street, the mini bags trend is the one that is bringing up the heat.  Several stores such as Topshop and Zara have seen a spike in sales of the minimalistic bags. Gigi Hadid fancied a Fendi mini-purse in February, and it immediately sold out. Singer Rihanna turned the highly priced Le Sac Chiquito by French designer Jacquemus, into high anticipation with an already long waiting list.

This new trend responds not only to fashion reason but it also has to do with being more practical but still exuding confidence. The modern woman makes her daily journey a lot simpler now - going from the office to appointments without carrying make-up.  

It is also a response to the economy where all you need is a credit card and cash is slowly becoming a thing of the past.  Simply put, a big bag is no longer needed.