Almost a year ago, Amal Clooney, one of media's favorite fashion representatives, delivered a speech at the United Nations in a beautiful yellow Bottega Veneta shift dress. She complemented the dress with a pair of sleek and timeless pair of black shoes. One thing that made this pair of black pumps was the tiny detail on the heels:  a gold needle hole that allows the wearer to add or remove a strap across the foot.

On the same trip, Clooney wore them again in New York. Both times, she wore them without the strap. Then Amal swore that she would find the designer of the shoes.  This is very uncommon since usually, celebrities have their established fashion house that tailors all kinds of wear for them. 

In the case of Clooney, she picked the established house Bottega Veneta to dress her for these two outings.  But when she chose her shoes, she went for an up-and-coming designer.  

Jennifer Chamandi, a luxury shoe designer established in the UK, launched her first collection for the fall of 2016. The particular shoes that Amal Clooney was wearing on both occasions were the Lorenzo pumps. 

 “She’s the perfect embodiment of beauty and intelligence,” Chamandi said. “Her lifestyle corresponds to the ethos of my shoes, which combine absolute comfort with immediately recognizable and distinctive elegance. She can wear them for a day’s work at the courthouse and then carry on to a dinner gala or down the red carpet.”

Jennifer Chamandi is a Lebanese-born designer.  She started a career in banking after graduating from the London School of Economics. In 2014, she left her job to pursue her true passion.